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acs heritage
ACS Heritage

Envision created a nationally credited application for continuing education and training for Pharmacists. It is designed to leverage the Pharmacist - patient relationship, focusing on quality of care, wellness initiatives and cost containment...

Federated Investors
Federated Investors

Federated Investors is a global investment management firm with over $360 billion of assets under management. With proprietary information and knowledge being a very key asset of the company, Federated came to us with a need to create an Information Security awareness and training program. The program requires mandatory participation by every employee of the company.

Through the use of custom produced role-play videos, graphics and lecture material, the employees watch and learn Federated's I.S. practices in a real workplace environment. The employees are able to see how and why the practices are initiated, and how to handle situations that could potentially compromise information security, both inside and outside the office. Each employee's participation and progress was tracked and updated automatically to a central administrator.

∗ Because of the classified nature of the content, the client has asked us not to grant access or provide screen shots of their program.


Signtronix is the largest manufacturer of custom backlit and electronic signs in the industry. They asked us to create a centralized training program that would be utilized by hundreds of reps at sales offices throughout the country. The program had to be easily navigated, interesting to watch and easy to update with new product and practices...

Variety the Childrens Charity

Variety, The Children's Charity has been helping children with physical and mental disabilities for over 80 years.  Their website serves as a vital link between the Charity, the community and the children and families the serve.

They came to us to create a new web presence with a number of specific objectives. First, the site had to communicate their message loud and clear. It had to reflect the passion the agency has for what they do. Second, we had to take a wealth of varied content and information and make it organized and easily accessible.

And third, we changed all their old PDFs into new interactive forms that makes donating, volunteering and registering for activities and events easy and immediate. This site is updated quite often with new pictures, forms and information.

Romualdi, Davidson & Associates
Romualdi, Davidson & Associates

RDA and Associates is a leading forensic engineering firm. Law firms, insurance companies, corporations and government agencies from all over the country utilize their expertise and experience.

They asked us to do a complete redesign of their current website, as well as provide hosting and maintenance services. In addition, they have also asked us to create several forensic animated accident recreations for them.

Lead Safe DC
Lead Safe DC

Lead safe DC, a non profit based in Washington DC, is another long time client that recently asked us to completely update their existing website. Their goal was to better communicate their message and build awareness of the dangers of childhood lead poisoning. The design was given a facelift, new graphics were added and retrieving specific information was made easier.

Monroeville Chamber of Commerce
Monroeville Chamber of Commerce

The Monroeville Chamber of Commerce had a new office, a new logo and an overall new attitude. Our job was to create a website design that captured this new energy while staying consistent with the Chamber's image and branding initiatives.

Airport Kiosk
Pittsburgh International Airport
Located in the center hub of the Pittsburgh International Airport, our information kiosk greets passengers from all over the world. Notable by its large, sweeping news ticker, travelers also access Pittsburgh area transportation, restaurant, business and entertainment information on the 3 integrated touch screen displays.
Magee Womens Hospital
Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC
Located in the Breast and Ovarian Cancer Center of Magee Hospital in Pittsburgh, this visually appealing touch screen information kiosk is designed to assist both the patient and their families.

Patient education information on the pertinent diseases and their treatments are presented in an easy to understand and reassuring manner. Also available to the viewer are maps and directions to key destinations within the hospital and surrounding area, internet access, and even games to help pass the time.

This kiosk is also G-Beacon enabled, giving the user to the ability to wirelessly send information from the kiosk to a mobile device or email.
Destiny Education Services
D.E.S. came to us to design a complete patient education system to be distributed to oncology hospitals and clinics throughout the country. Leveraging their content, we designed an interactive program that educates and informs patients about their type of cancer, the treatment options, possible side effects and general post-treatment health regimes. The program was designed to be accessed via touch screen displays and tablets at the hospital, and via the internet and DVDs at home.